Entry for Strike 10 Deer Park - January 18th - 20th

Entry for Strike 10 Deer Park - January 18th - 20th


Strike 10: Friday:  8pm & 10pm

Strike 10: Saturday 4pm & 6pm

Strike 10: Sunday 1pm & 3pm

 849 Long Island Ave., Deer Park, NY 11729


Online Registrations Must Be Completed 2 hours prior to first squad.

Due to the unique entry fees for the “Beat the Board Tournament” all entries must be paid on-site. Please click the squads you want to bowl. Entry fees are $50 per squad on Friday, $60 per squad on Saturday and $70 per squad on Sunday. BONUS: WHATEVER YOU PAY ON YOUR FIRST ENTRY WILL BE WHAT YOU PAY FOR ALL FUTURE SQUADS! (EXAMPLE: BOWL ON FRIDAY AND ALL OF YOUR SQUADS THE ENTIRE WEEKEND ARE ONLY $50 EACH!)

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I fully understand the LIGBT rules and regulations. Upon acceptance of my application to be a contestant, I hereby agree to the rules and regulations of the tournament.

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