December 26, 2019

Syosset, NY: The LIGBT completed its 9-event fall tour and crowned 9 different champions. In fact, if you include the top 2 positions from each event, there was not a repeat top finisher. The fall tour attracted 1,128 entries, an 11% increase from last season, and paid out $52,150 in prize money. A total of 236 different individuals competed with 124 of them cashing in at least one tournament (better than 1 in 2!)

The leading money winner for the fall swing always is the winner of the only major held. The Thanksgiving Major was won by Denis Mendelson, Levittown, NY and he earned $3,450 in the fall events. Tony Jimenez, W. Babylon, NY was second with $1,725 in earnings. After 9 events 13 different bowlers have earned $1,000 or more.

Brackets are another way of earning money at LIGBT tournaments. When including prize money and bracket earnings the top winner is Jack Kampf, Levittown, NY with $4,777.50. Yon Gyo Phark, Flushing, NY was second with $4,220 in combined earnings. A total of 26 bowlers have earned $1,000 or more in bracket and prize money winnings.  

When bowling a series of tournaments, the key to success is consistency. Denis Mendelson (5 out of 7) and Maniram Basdeo (5 out of 8) were the only 2 bowlers that cashed in 5 tournaments. Seven different bowlers cashed in 4 events & 38 different bowlers cashed in at least 3 events. Amazingly, 124 different bowlers (out of 236) have earned an LIGBT check.

Although the LIGBT caters towards handicap bowlers, it is still interesting to see who has the highest average on these tough sport shots. Only 3 members, out of the 236 that have competed in the fall events, are averaging over 200. The average leader is Scott Kampf with a 205 average for 37 games. Second is Scott’s brother Justin with a 204.65 average. The only other bowler averaging over 200 is Stanley Waite with a 204.64. The median average for the club during the Fall was 164.03.

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