Average Charts



All sport shot averages stayed the same from the past season. The only change was the handicap % went from 90% of 220 to 90% of 210. So when you notice your handicap went down this is the reason why. By using the 90% of 210 we immediately lower the cut scores, which everyone likes, and hurt bowlers that “sandbag.” The change in handicap % will help most bowlers be more competitive.


The LIGBT no longer uses your sport shot average in house shot events. This made the cut scores extremely high and gave a group of bowlers too much of an advantage. All bowlers that have competed in an LIGBT house shot event or marathon now have a separate house shot average using the games they bowled MINUS 20 PINS.

Since new bowlers receive a 20 pin drop when entering their first event, all bowlers that bowled in house shot events will also get the 20 pin drop off their current house shot average. This will even the playing field for everyone and significantly lower cut scores.

To view the average charts please click on the links below. If you have any questions please give us a call at 516.637.5955. Thank you. Steve and Bob

House Shot/Marathon Handicap Chart

Sport Shot Handicap Chart