Average Charts

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INITIAL AVERAGE: First time bowlers will be issued an average by taking their highest 2-year composite average minus 20 pins. New members must notify the LIGBT if they have been re-rated by another tournament the past 10 years, or if their current average is more than 10 pins higher than their highest composite average from the past 2 years. 

New members that do not have a sanctioned league average the past 2 years, but are currently bowling in a league, may participate as long as they bring proof of their average and have a minimum of 21 games bowled in the league. Bowlers that cannot prove their actual average may still bowl at the discretion of the tournament director.

Minimum Average/Maximum Handicap for New Members: Male bowlers joining the LIGBT cannot receive more than 63 pins per game (140 average) in sport shot events. Female bowlers joining the LIGBT cannot receive more than 72 pins per game (130 average) in sport shot events. Once a member has 24 eligible sport shot games the minimum average rule is waived.

If a new member, with less than 9 eligible games makes the finals, their handicap will be adjusted based on the qualifying series they advanced with plus eligible games already bowled with the LIGBT MINUS 20 PINS. New members may not earn byes until they have 9 eligible games registered (games bowled in LIGBT finals do not count when determining your club average.) 

DETERMINING A NEW BOWLER’S AVERAGE UNTIL THEY HAVE 9 ELIGIBLE GAMES: All bowlers that have less than 9 eligible sport shot games will have their average determined by taking their incoming average minus 20 and multiplying the number by 9. Take that total and add the eligible games bowled and divide by the total # of games. This will be the new bowler’s average for handicapping purposes until they have 9 eligible games in the club. This average cannot fall below the initial incoming average minus 20 pins.

ELIGIBLE GAMES: Games that are 30% or more below your tournament average or any series less than 75% of your tournament average will not count.

New member averages cannot change in the middle of a tournament unless they make the finals. After a bowler has 9 eligible sport shot games, they have an established club average which is how your handicap will be determined for future LIGBT sport shot tournaments. This average cannot drop more than 20 pins below your incoming average until you have 24 eligible games.

CURRENT MEMBERS WITH 9 OR MORE GAMES: Once a member has 9 eligible sport shot games, they will be handicapped based on the games they bowl in sport shot events. Your average cannot drop more than 20 pins from your incoming average until you reach 24 eligible sport shot games. Once you have 24 or more eligible sport shot games you no longer have a maximum drop, and your average will be based on your last 50 sport shot games you bowled (not including finals games) in LIGBT sport shot events. All qualifying games bowled, after you make the finals in a tournament, will not count when determining your average. 


AUTOMATICE AVERAGE ADJUSTMENTS: All average adjustments are done by LIGBT’s software using the following formula: When a bowler fails to cash in 20% or less of their last 5 sport shot events (cashing in 1 or no events), their tournament average will automatically drop 5 pins. If a bowler is cashing 20% or less in their last 10 sport shot events (2 or less), their average will drop another 5 pins per game (10 pins total.) The maximum adjustment allowed is 10 pins. You lose your adjustment once your last 5 sport shot events cashing percentage is above 20%.  The LIGBT will still manually re-rate a bowler if a bowler has an unfair advantage, is deliberately not shooting their best score, or for medical reasons. 

NOTE: LIGBT reserves the right to adjust any competitor’s average if it is believed they are competing at an unfair advantage or disadvantage.