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LIGBT Announces New Format

Posted On: November 20, 2008

November 17, 2009
Syosset, NY: Pinacle Events, owners of the Long Island Generations Bowling Tour (LIGBT) which is sponsored by Columbia 300, announced today one in four bowlers will now advance to the finals at each event. This change doubles the number of bowlers advancing to the finals. The guaranteed top prizes of $1,000 in the scratch event regardless of entries, and $500 first place with only 50 entries in the 205 & under handicap event remains the same.
The goal with the increased number of finalists is to give as many bowlers as possible the chance at winning the top prizes. In addition, the LIGBT wants to maximize the number of entrants that have a chance to bowl in match play. It’s definitely everyone’s goal to make the finals so why not allow more people to achieve their goal each month.
In addition to more finalists the LIGBT is also adding more byes to the finals. In the scratch event the top two 49 and unders and the top 2 seniors will earn byes. The highest qualifier from each division will earn 2 byes and the 2nd highest qualifier will earn 1 bye. In the 205 & under handicap event the top 2 series will also receive byes with the top qualifier earning 2 byes and the 2nd highest earning 1 bye. The byes protect the best bowlers of the day from being eliminated early in the finals. All of the new formats, prize funds, and rules are now posted at
The LIGBT is moving up the time the 1-hour free practice session begins. This exclusive free practice, for paid entrants only, will now begin at 11:30am (instead of noon) and finish at 12:30pm. This change will allow enough time to strip and re-oil the lanes and to start qualifying at 1pm. With more bowlers making the finals it is important to start the tournament on time.
The LIGBT’s next event is December 7th at North Levittown Lanes. Columbia 300 will be running a free “Demo Day” during the 1 hour practice session. All bowlers attending the N. Levittown event will receive a special holiday gift courtesy of the LIGBT and its sponsors. For more information on the LIGBT please visit or call the tournament hotline at 1.877.900.6464.

Marc Bieler & Cynthia Guarino LIGBT Syosset Champions

Posted On: November 09, 2008

November 9, 2008
Syosset, NY: The Long Island Generations Bowling Tour (LIGBT) traveled to AMF Syosset Lanes for its second event of the year. A total of 81 bowlers competed for over $5,000 in prizes. The winner of the scratch event was Marc Bieler, a teacher from Massapequa, NY, earning $1,000 and the 205 & under champion was Cynthia Guarino, of Elmont, NY winning $350.
Marc’s road to his title began with a 1092 qualifying series (218 average) that positioned him 3rd after his 5 games. Leading qualifier was Brian Ziesig of Levittown who shot a fine 1142 series (228 average.) High senior qualifier, for the second straight tournament was Mike Dioguardo of Patchogue rolling a 1045 series (209 average.)
In round 1 of the finals Marc defeated Brian Soto (Kew Gardens) 202-171 and in round 2 he defeated Brian Ziesig 202-195. To become the LIGBT scratch champion Marc shot an incredible 241 game in the final shootout defeating Mike Dioguardo (210) and Bill Beck of Ronkonkoma, NY (189). Marc earned $1,000 for his title while Mike took home $600 and Bill won $400.
Cynthia’s march to her title started by finishing second in qualifying with a 613 series (477 scratch + 126 handicap + 10 bonus pins). The qualifying leader was last months champion, Tom Colon, a warehouse manager from N. Massapequa, who shot a 646 series (556 scratch + 90 pins handicap). The third bowler in the finals was Gale Calca, a bowling manager from Elmont, NY who qualified with a 608 series (439 scratch + 159 handicap + 10 bonus pins). To earn the $350 top prize Cynthia shot a 257 game (215 scratch) defeating both Gale 222 - $200 (169 scratch) and Tom 173 - $150 (143 scratch).
In addition to the finalists in the 205 & under event there were additional prizes paid using a 1 in 4 cashing ratio. The low to cash was 594 (including handicap and bonus pins) which was shot by Morris Jackson of Massapequa. A bowler earns bonus pins when they don’t cash in a previous LIGBT event.
The Kegel pattern featured at AMF Syosset Lanes was the 45 foot Route 66 condition. This is the longest pattern of the four used by The LIGBT. Compared to the first LIGBT event at AMF Babylon the scores were much lower. It took a 216 average to advance to the finals and a 205 average to cash in the scratch division. In the 205 & under group the cut score to the finals was a 201 average including handicap and the cashing cut was only 596 with handicap.
The next LIGBT event will be held at North Levittown Lanes on Sunday, December 7th. Columbia 300 will be doing a Demo Day during the one hour practice session prior to qualifying. In addition, all LIGBT members attending the N. Levittown event will receive a special holiday gift package from the tournament sponsors. For additional LIGBT information please visit or call our tournament hotline; 1.877.900.6464.
Final Results – AMF Syosset Lanes
LIGBT Event #2 – November 9, 2008
Scratch Event
1. Marc Bieler                         Massapequa                 1092    $1,000
2. Mike Dioguardo (S)            Patchogue                   1045    $   600
3. Bill Beck                             Ronkonkoma               1085    $   400
4. Brian Ziesig                         Levittown                   1142    $   300
5. Adam Sher                          Commack                    1080    $   300
6. Peter Rodriquez                  Westbury                     1097    $   250
7. Brian Soto                           Kew Gardens             1083    $   250
8. Chris Umland                      Medford                      1059    $   150
9. Jeremy Schaffer                  Lindenhurst                 1049    $   130
10. Anthony Pepe                   Queens                                    1047    $   120
11. Paul Bajorski                     W. Babylon                 1030    $   110
12. Robert Exner                     N. Bellmore                 1030    $   110
13. Frank Kase (S)                 Deer Park                    1030    $   110
14. Darren Barlow                  Levittown                   1028    $   100            
(S) Seniors
205 & Under Event
Finalists                                          (*3 games + series + bonus pins)
1. Cynthia Guarino                 Elmont                                    613*    $   350
2. Gale Calca                           Elmont                                    608      $   200
3. Tom Colon                          N. Massapequa            646      $   150
4. Redy Bugaoan                    Massapequa                 602      $    75
5. Valerie Amitrano                Huntington St.                        596      $    75
6. Michael Scarangella            Shirley                         595      $    50
7. Morris Jackson                    Massapequa                 594      $    50
Side Pots
Scratch Event
High Game Pots: 1st $60/2nd $25
Game 1: Brian Ziesig 277/Sue George 246
Game 2: Brian Soto 266/Frank Kase 234
Game 3: Peter Rodriguez 247/Brian Ziesig 237
Game 4: Frank Kase 266/Peter Rodriguez 257
Game 5: Adam Sher 257/Brian Ziesig 245
Squad Leader: 1st $100/2nd $50
1.      Brian Ziesig 1142
2.      Bill Beck 1085
Handicap Event
High Game Pots: 1st $15/2nd $10
(Handicap included in scores)
Game 1: Meghan Kase 222/Robert Cruz 204
Game 2: Angelo DeSena 218/Michael Scarngella 211
Game 3: Cynthia Guarino 233/Michael Scarngella 219
Squad Leader: 1st 30/2nd $20
1. Michael Scrangella 595
2. Angelo DeSena 573