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Posted On: January 28, 2019

Garden City, NY:  Dwayne Redman, a 56 year old payroll coordinator from the Bronx, won the $3,000 top prize at LIGBT’s Winter Major held at AMF Garden City. Dwayne earned his third LIGBT title (first major) by defeating Glenn Buchanan, New York City 230-226 in the final shootout. While Glenn earned $1,500 for second, finishing third was Frank Lunghi, Farmingdale, NY with a 219 worth $750. Rounding out the top 4 was Audrey Rodriques, Otisville, NY with a 214 worth $500.

The final shootout was one of the most exciting in LIGBT history. The shootout began with 3 out of the 4 bowlers starting with at least 2 opens in their first 4 frames. Glenn was the only bowler that had just one open plus he had a double in his first 4 frames. By the 5th frame Dwayne had 3 missed spares and trailed Glen by 42 pins. But Dwayne is a fighter and he didn’t give up as he threw 4 strikes in a row heading into the 10th frame. When Dwayne failed to throw a strike in his final frame all Glenn needed was a mark. Unfortunately he chopped the 6-10 which gave Dwayne the victory when he made his spare. It was an incredible comeback for Dwayne and a very tough loss for Glenn who was looking for his first LIGBT title.

The AMF Garden City event drew a great crowd of 270 entries (including 35 desperado entries), advanced 39 bowlers to the finals and paid out $13,570. The cut scores on the “Autobahn” pattern were moderate and ranged from 661 to 706. High series of the tournament was shot by Diane Allen, Fleetwood Station, NY with a 791 in the Sunday, 2pm squad. There were 2 wildcard winners. The Friday night wildcard was won by Jason Nicholas, Wantagh NY with a 1329 six game series and the Sunday wildcard was won by Jack Saunders, Holbrook, NY with a 1349.    

LIGBT’s next tournament is our annual Super Bowl Scratch and Handicap Marathon on Sunday, February 3rd - 1pm start at AMF Wantagh. Top prizes are guaranteed at $1,000-$500-$300-$250 with 1 in 5 per age division cashing for a minimum of $100. To view the final results of the AMF Garden City Winter Major please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Vietri Associates and Billvee Electric.



Posted On: January 07, 2019
Deon Taitte with Damilyn and baby

New Hyde Park, NY:  Deon Taitte, a 34 year old welder from Amityville, NY, won the $1,000 top prize at LIGBT’s sport shot event at Herrill Lanes. Deon earned his second LIGBT title by defeating Scott Kampf 232-231 in the final shootout. While Scott earned $600 for second, finishing third was Weldon Drayton, Brentwood, NY with a 228 worth $400. Rounding out the top 6 was 4th place finisher Cary Fishman, NYC with a 197 worth $350, 5th went to Tony Scibelli, Williston Park, NY with a 195 earning $300 and 6th was taken by Maniram Basdeo, Bronx, NY with a 176 worth $250.

The six bowler shootout became a 2 man race by the middle of the game.  Scott, who was giving everyone pins, started off with 6 strikes in his first 7 frames. Meanwhile, Deon was the only other bowler to stay close as he was clean through his first 7 frames. When Deon struck in the 9th, and Scott spared, the title came down to the final frame. Deon went first and struck. Scott threw an 8 count on his first ball which meant Deon needed one more strike for the title. Deon threw a 6 count and thought he lost but when Scott missed the easy spare Deon had a 1 pin victory and his second LIGBT trophy.   

The Herrill event drew a great crowd of 110 entries, advanced 16 bowlers to the finals and cashed another 14 bowlers for $75 (better than 1 in 3.) The total prize fund paid out $5,380 with all finalists earning at least $150. The cut scores on the Mexico City pattern were low; 637 & 636. High series of the tournament was shot by Weldon with a 737 in the 3pm squad. There were 2 wildcard winners; Darcy Monroe, E. Meadow, NY with a 1280 and Pete DiStefano, Franklin Square, NY with a 1276.    

LIGBT’s next tournament is a special MLK weekend event at Strike 10 Deer Park. This 3 day extravaganza features an entry fee as low as $50 and top prizes of $1,500 & $750.  To view the final results of the Herrill Lanes event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, & Vietri Associates, and



Posted On: January 02, 2019


Ed Hawkins, Scratch Champ        Adam DeRossi & Dwayne Redman

Garden City, NY:  The LIGBT crowned 2 champions on New Year’s Day at AMF Garden City. The handicap marathon champion was Adam DeRossi, Massapequa Park, NY winning $1,000. The scratch marathon champion was Ed Hawkins, Bay Shore, NY winning $700. An incredible entry count of 165 entries competed for over $15,000 in prizes.

The handicap marathon, which attracted 127 entries, featured 2 age divisions. The 49 & under group advanced 2 bowlers to the finals; Jeff Juarez, E. Meadow, NY (1242) and Adam DeRossi (1236). The senior division also advanced 2 bowlers to the finals; Dwayne Redman, Bronx, NY (1237) and Shui Lee, Forest Hills, NY (1233). Dwayne earned a seed into the final match as he was the highest eligible bowler from either division. To cash in the 1 in 5 prize lists the 49 & under cut was 1186 and the senior cut was 1172. All cashers earned a minimum of $100.

The handicap finals had 2 rounds. The first round consisted of 3 bowlers with the winner advancing to meet the top seed, Dwayne Redman, in the final match. Adam DeRossi and Jeff Juarez, were within 1 pin of each other in the first match. Surprisingly, Jeff chopped a spare in the 10th giving Adam the match. Jeff finished third with a 208 earning him $425. Also making the shootout and finishing fourth was Shui Lee with a 201 worth $350.

The championship match was a blow out as Adam defeated Dwayne 279-182. Dwayne just couldn’t find the line until late in the game but was happy with his $700 second place finish. The victory was Adam’s third LIGBT title.

The scratch marathon prize list was determined by the 5-game totals. Ed Hawkins won the scratch title by 1 pin with an 1163 total. Jeff Juarez, who finished third in the handicap event, shot an 1162 series to finish second and earn $425. Rounding out the top 4 was third place finisher Andrew Mienkiewicz, Massapequa, NY with an 1140 worth $300 and 4th went to Craig Koppell, Syosset, NY with an 1129 total earning him $200. The scratch event attracted 38 entries and paid out $2,000 to 7 different cashers. The scratch cut to cash was 1073.

LIGBT’s next event is a sport shot tournament at Herrill Lanes; Sunday, January 6th. Top prizes are guaranteed to pay; $1,000-$500-$300-$250 with 1 in 4 each squad cashing. For complete results of the New Year’s Day marathon please visit