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Winter/Spring Schedule.

Posted On: December 28, 2016

Dear LIGBT Member:

BIG changes are coming to the LIGBT! After a very successful Fall Tour we are happy to announce our Winter/Spring Schedule. The LIGBT will be offering events almost every weekend and introducing several new programs.  Bob and    I are always monitoring the club to make sure EVERYONE has a chance to win. We appreciate all of your input and believe the new rules/programs will make the events fairer (lower cut scores) & more fun for ALL bowlers (more ways to cash.)

Starting with our January 8th event at AMF East Meadow LIGBT events will add more bowlers to the finals, offer more ways to cash, and award bonuses to our VIP members. All this is being done without raising the regular event entry fees!

Bonus Pins, Averages and Qualifying “Extras”

  • You will now earn 1 bonus pin per game for each squad you don’t cash with a maximum of 2 per game earned in a Maximum bonus pins will be 12 per game (36 total.) “If you currently have more than 36 bonus pins you will keep all of them until February 15th.When you make the finals you will lose 6 bonus pins per game and all of your bonus pins if you advance to the second round.


  • LIGBT averages will now be based on YOUR LAST 50 ELIGIBLE GAMES (it was the last 100 games).
  • At least one senior (50+) will be guaranteed in the final shootout. If no senior makes the shootout the last remaining senior in the finals will be added and bowl for the top

     •  A $10 optional pot guarantees the bowler with the highest handicap series
           “without bonus pins” EACH SQUAD will be added to
the finals.

  • We will be running a monthly sport shot event that advances 1 in 4 per squad to the finals!

Bowler Loyalty Programs

  • Any bowler that competes in at least 3 events between majors will be considered a If a VIP wins a major they earn the full top prize ($3,000). If a non-VIP wins they earn $2,000 and $1,000 is rolled over to the next major!
  • VIPs pay less at the Super Tournaments! We are running two $5,000 top prize events (Memorial Day & Labor Day ) Anyone that bowls in at least 6 events between now and May 21st will save $20 per entry at these special events.
  • No-Tap Jackpot! The 2nd game of every sport shot squad will have a no-tap jackpot that is included in your Bowlers averaging 175 & under have to throw an 8 or better in all 10 frames to win the jackpot. Bowlers over 175 must throw a 9 or better. If no one hits the jackpot it rolls over to the next sport shot tournament.
  • The LIGBT will now have aPoints List” tournament. Our first one will run during the July 4th major and all members that bowl a minimum of 12 events the next 6 months will be Up to $5,000 will be added to this invitation only event which will feature a 1 in 2 cashing ratio!

Since more bowlers are being added to the finals the guaranteed top prizes will now pay: $1,000-1st, $500-2nd, $300- 3rd, $250-4th. All bowlers in the finals are guaranteed at least $100 ($80 in events paying 1 in 4) & the 1pm squad leader is guaranteed $150. If a senior is added to the shootout 5th place will pay at least $250 and 4th will be increased.

We hope you like the new concepts. Again, our goal is to lower the cut scores, add more bowlers to the finals, and give everyone a chance to win once they make the finals.

Thanks for the great support & happy holidays! We hope to see you at AMF Garden City on New Year’s Day for our scratch and handicap 5-game marathon. (Turn over for marathon details.)



Posted On: December 05, 2016

Plainview, NY:  Robert Aiello, a 22 year old plumber from Oceanside, NY won LIGBT’s annual holiday tournament at AMF Plainview. Robert defeated Dexter Sapp, Valley Stream, NY 248-230 to win his first LIGBT title and the $1,500 top prize. While Dexter won $750 for second, Darcy Monroe, E. Meadow, NY finished third with a 215 worth $500. Rounding out the top 4 was James Puma, Valhalla, NY with a 212 worth $300.

The final shootout involved 3 bowlers looking for their first title against Dexter who owns the most LIGBT titles with 7. All four bowler’s handicaps were within 10 pins of each other so whoever bowled the highest scratch game was probably going to win. Three out of four bowlers had a triple and an open by the fifth frame keeping the match close. But when Robert doubled in the 8th and 9th frames he secured his first LIGBT title.

The AMF Plainview holiday tournament drew a record crowd of 200 entries, advanced 39 bowlers to the finals, and paid out $8,365. The tournament pattern was “Broadway” (37 feet), a challenge shot, resulting in cut scores of: 740 at noon, 747 at 2pm and 764 at 4pm. High series of the tournament was shot by third place finisher Darcy Monroe with an 824 in the second squad. Wildcard winners were John Petrizzi, Massapequa, NY (1456) and Rich Patson, Lindenhurst, NY (1446.)

LIGBT’s next tournament is our annual New Year’s Day Marathon (scratch and handicap). This 5 game event features a 1 in 4 cashing ratio. Entry fee is $100 and includes all high game pots. For complete results of the AMF Plainview tournament please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Randi Siegel Law Offices, Torch Bowling, Knockout Ball Cleaner, and CLS Custom Upholsterers.