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Posted On: April 24, 2023

Babylon, NY: The LIGBT, sponsored by Storm, ran a special drop your low game sport shot tournament called: The First Pair Shootout sponsored by Bill Verni of Bilvee Electric. Phil Rivera, Franklin Square, NY won his 2nd LIGBT title (first singles title) by defeating Darryl Freeman, Forest Hills, NY 270-252. Phil earned $1,500 for his victory while Darryl took home $800 for second place. Finishing in third was Andrew Mienkiewicz, Dix Hills, NY with a 219 worth $600. Rounding out the top 4 was Kymari Nelson, Copaigue, NY with a 215 worth $500.

The First Pair Shootout started with 2 divisions, 49 & under/50+ with each group bowling 4 games and dropping their lowest game to determined prize fund position. The top 2 from each division advanced to a 1-game shootout. Additional cashers were paid using a 1 in 3 ratio.

The final shootout quickly became a 2-person match. Phil started ahead as he was getting 27 pins more in handicap than Darryl. Even though Darryl through a clean game (no opens), and Phil had 2 opens, the extra handicap helped Phil secure his title. Both bowlers threw triples in the middle of the shootout. Darryl could have put pressure on Phil if he doubled in the 10th. But when Darryl failed to strike in his last frame Phil claimed his first singles title.

As for the other 2 shootout finalists, Andrew struggled on the right lane and had to settle for third. Kymari was making his first LIGBT video shootout and it took a while for him to loosen up. But he finished strong with 3 strikes in his last 2 frames giving him confidence for his next shootout appearance.    

The LIGBT sport shot event at AMF Babylon drew a sold-out field of 99 entries, paid out a $7,410 prize fund, and had 30 bowlers cash. The side action paid out an additional $4,540 bringing the total event payout to $11,950. The cut scores to cash on the “Route 66” pattern were 700 in the under division and 714 in the senior division. Peter Ramo and Donald Eubanks won Storm balls in a special raffle. Over $1,000 was added to the prize fund from Bill Verni and the raffles.  

LIGBT’s next event is a sport shot tournament at AMF Garden City on Sunday, April 30th (1pm & 3pm.) To view the results of the AMF Babylon tournament please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Storm, Billvee Electric, and The Law Offices of Randi Siegel.



Posted On: April 10, 2023

Garden City, NY: The LIGBT, sponsored by Storm, ran a Doubles Tournament at AMF Garden City and attracted an incredible crowd of 98 teams. Tom Catalano, N. Babylon, NY & Kymari Nelson, Copaigue, NY teamed up to win the $2,000 top prize with a 4-game total of 2,045. Finishing in 2nd place, 26 pins behind, was the team of Bobby Annan, Copaigue, NY & Jonathan Mercado, Brentwood, NY. The 2nd place team shot a 2019 series earning $1,100.

The team of Nick Falsetta, N. Babylon, NY & Kymari Nelson took home $800 with their 3rd place finish shooting 2015. Rounding out the top 4 was the team of John Knierieman Jr, E. Islip, NY & Jonathan Mercado with a total of 2014 earning them $600.  It took a 1917 total to cash in the $8,300 prize fund.

A total of 16 teams cashed at AMF Garden City. The side action paid out an additional $4,455 bringing the total day’s payout to $12,755. The LIGBT welcomed 15 new members at AMF Garden City. Darius Fuller, Bayshore, NY shot the only 300 in the tournament. His perfection was done in game one. Donald Eubanks won the Storm Ball.  

The LIGBT’s next event is a special sport shot event at AMF Babylon; Sunday, April 23rd at 1pm. Billvee Electric will be adding $500 to this 4-game handicap tournament featuring a “drop your low game” format. The LIGBT is sponsored by Storm, Randi B. Siegel Law Offices, Billvee Electric, CLS Custom Upholsterers and Turbo 2-n-1 Grips.



Posted On: April 03, 2023

Meadow, NY: The LIGBT, sponsored by Storm, ran its 8th event of its 12 tournament House Shot Series at AMF E. Meadow. The tournament used a 5-game format with each bowler’s best 4 games determining their prize fund position. The handicap champion was Justin Sternberg, Kings Park, NY earning $1,000. The scratch winner was Jason Forshee, Lindenhurst, NY earning $500. Both champions earned their first LIGBT title.

The final handicap shootout, where the top two from both age divisions combined for a 1-game shootout, was a great match. Going into the final frame 3 of the 4 bowlers had a shot at the title. Justin started slow opening twice in his first 5 frames which put him 34 pins behind the leader. But from the 6th frame on Justin struck out to finish with a 252 and an amazing 11-pin victory. Kenny Bruce, Oceanside, NY shot the only clean game of the shootout but still needed a strike in the 10th to grab the title. He left a 2-pin spare and settled for second place with a 241 worth $600. The 3rd place finisher was 14-year-old Mel Sim, Queens Village, NY with a 228 earning him a $400 scholarship. Fourth place went to Beverly Parker, Brooklyn, NY with a 193 worth $300.    

The scratch event was won by Jason Forshee with a 4-game total of 934. Finishing in 2nd place was Max Thomas, N. Babylon, NY with a 906 worth $300. Rounding out the top 3, and earning $200, was Mel Sim with an 885 series. A total of 6 bowlers cashed in the scratch prize list which paid out $1,380.

LIGBT’s House Shot Series Event #8 at AMF E. Meadow drew a field of 104 entries, paid out $6,390 in prize money, and had 27 bowlers go to the cashing window. The side action paid out an additional $3,665 bringing the total day’s payout to $10,055. Scores to cash on the Easy Street pattern were 876 in the 49 & under handicap division, 864 in the senior handicap division, and 897 in the scratch event. The winner of the Storm ball raffle was Eddie Eng, Flushing, NY.   

LIGBT’s next tournament is a special Handicap Doubles event at AMF Garden City, Saturday, April 8th at 11am. To view the results of the AMF E. Meadow tournament please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Storm, Billvee Electric, Randi B.Siegle Law Offices  and CLS Custom Upholsterers.