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Posted On: May 27, 2019

Babylon, NY: Peter Libranti, a 46 year old right-hander from Wantagh, NY won the $5,000 top prize at AMF Babylon where LIGBT’s Super Tournament #5 was held. Peter, who shot a 667 in the Saturday 8pm squad, defeated Rob Longiaru, Seaford, NY 208-203 to win his first LIGBT title. Rob, who was the 2pm squad leader, earned $2,500 for his runner-up position. Finishing in third was Luis Gomez, E. Elmhurst, NY with a 181 worth $1,250. Luis advanced to the finals via the desperado! Fourth place went to William Cron, Matamoras, PA with a 161 worth $1,000. William advanced to the finals as the Sunday wildcard winner!

The Super Tournament final shootout was a pressure packed match with close to $10,000 up for grabs. Rob started out strong and was clean through 5 frames with a triple in frames 3 through 5. Peter had 2 opens in the first 6 frames and trailed Rob by 22 pins. But Peter stayed clean the rest of the game while Rob opened in 3 out of his last 5 frames, including a devastating missed 1 pin spare in the 10th, to finish second. Luis stayed close the entire match but finished with 3 opens to finish third. William never could find the line and was trailing the entire match.

Peter joins a prestigious list of $5,000 LIGBT Super Tournament champions; Tommy Grunwald, Astoria, NY was the first Super champion at Farmingdale Lanes (February, 2016), Cynthia Cooke, Patchogue, NY won the second Super Tournament at AMF Plainview (May 2017) and Pak Wong, New York, NY won the 3rd Super Tournament also at AMF Plainview (August, 2017.) Hector Diaz Jr., Bronx, NY was the 4th Super Tournament winner at Levittown Lanes (June, 2018.) The 6th Super Champion will be crowned labor day weekend at AMF  Garden City.

The Super Tournament drew an amazing crowd of 400 entries plus 68 desperado entries. There were 61 finalists plus another 39 cashers (100 total-almost a 1 in 2 ratio) all sharing in a $24,350 prize fund. Cut scores were low on the custom pattern ranging from 621-660. High series was shot by Dominique Calhoun with a 770 (Sunday 4pm.) There were 61 women entries with 12 advancing to the finals. There were 4 wildcard winners: So Young Chin (1367), Darryl McDuffie (1347), Bill Verni (1319), William Cron (1287.) Total payout for the weekend exceeded $50,000!

LIGBT’s next tournament is a BEAT-THE-BOARD TOURNAMENT at AMF Wantagh on Sunday, June 2nd. For complete results of Super Tournament #5 please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Brunswick, Kegel,  Torch Bowling, Vietri Associates, Billvee Electric, Knockout Ball Cleaner, and CLS Custom Upholsterers.



Posted On: May 25, 2019

Babylon, NY: George Williams, Bronx, NY won the prestigious LIGBT Tournament of Champions at AMF Babylon. George shot a 264 to win the $1,500 top prize plus a beautiful crystal trophy. Finishing tied for second with 238’s were Guy Sereno, W. Hempstead, NY and Diane Allen, Fleetwood Station, NY each earning $625. Rounding out the top 4 was Dexter Sapp, Valley Stream, NY with a 186 worth $300.

The final shootout was very exciting as there several lead changes and a surprise ending. Guy, who was giving everyone handicap, started off slow but grabbed the lead with a string of strikes in the middle of the game. George started out with 2 early opens but was within a few pins of Guy due to a late string of strikes and a handicap advantage. When Guy opened in the tenth with a split and George continued his string of strikes the TOC trophy was his!

The TOC had 80 champions compete representing title holders from all 11 seasons. The tournament started with 4 games of qualifying and advanced the top 16 to match play. The cut to make the finals was 928. All 16 finalists were guaranteed a minimum of $150 and after two rounds of matches the final shootout was bowled.

The TOC was a very special event as all 80 bowlers received a champion jersey as part of their entry. The LIGBT produced an event program which listed all of the participant’s titles. The lane pattern used was created by Kegel and was 42 feet in length and featured a 6 to 1 ratio. The total payout for the event was $5,050.



Posted On: May 20, 2019

Syosset, NY:  Maniram Basdeo, Bronx, NY, won his 5th LIGBT title after a 2-year drought, by defeating Beverly Parker, Brooklyn, NY 272-221 in the final shootout at AMF Syosset. Manriam earned $1,000 for his victory while Beverly took home $500 for second place. Finishing in third with a 216 was Stella Yoo, New York, NY winning $300. Rounding out the top 4 was Darryl McDuffie, Floral Park, NY with a 204 worth $250.

The final 4 consisted of all seniors including 2 women. Maniram was giving handicap to both women but stayed cleaned the entire match to make up the handicap deficit. Beverly kept the match close early, but when Maniram threw a 4 timer starting in the 8th frame, the final outcome was inevitable. Stella bowled well and could have finished second but she opened in the final frame. Darryl, who was giving everyone handicap, also bowled well but couldn’t throw a string of strikes to stay competitive.

The AMF Syosset event drew a nice crowd of 83 entries, advanced 12 bowlers to the finals and cashed another 10 bowlers for $75 (better than 1 in 3.) The total prize fund paid out was $3,750. The cut scores on the Turnpike pattern were very low; 627 & 644. High series of the tournament was shot by our 4th place finisher, Darryl McDuffie, with a 734 in the 3pm squad. The wildcard winner was 3rd place finisher Stella Yoo who shot a six game series of 1309.

LIGBT’s next tournament is our 3-day Super Tournament at AMF Babylon May 24-26. Top prizes are guaranteed to pay; $5,000-$2,500-$1,250-$1,000 with 1 in 4 bowlers cashing each squad. To view the final results of the AMF Syosset event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, & Vietri Associates, and



Posted On: May 06, 2019
Will Vidulich Scratch Champion

Farmingdale, NY:  Joe Evers, a 41 year old food service manager from Islip Terrace, NY, won the $1,500 top prize at LIGBT’s House Shot Championship at Farmingdale Lanes. Joe earned his first LIGBT title by defeating Mike Nenna, Tobyhanna, PA 238-237 in the final shootout. While Mike earned $750 for second, finishing third was Scott Gray, East Meadow, NY with a 207 worth $500. Rounding out the top 4 was Deon Taitte, Amityville, NY with a 170 worth $300.

The handicap final shootout started out slow as all 4 bowlers had an open by the 5th frame. Joe missed a 1 pin spare in the third frame but overcame the error by throwing the next 4 out of 5 strikes. Mike had a missed spare in the 4th frame but followed that with the next 4 out of 5 strikes. The match came down to the final frame with Joe and Mike within 3 pins of each other. When Joe opened in the 10th he thought he gave the victory away. All Mike needed was a mark but he missed a makeable spare to give a stunned Joe his first LIGBT title.

The Farmingdale event drew a good crowd of 124 entries (103 handicap/21 scratch), advanced 15 bowlers to the handicap finals plus cashed another 11 for $80 (better than 1 in 3.) The total handicap prize fund paid out was $5,830 with all finalists earning at least $150. There was also a scratch prize list which paid out $1,190 to 4 bowlers. The winner of the scratch shootout, worth $500, was Will Vidulich, Montville, NJ with a wonderful 280. Will defeated 2nd place finisher Scott Kampf ($360) who shot a 266 and 3rd place finisher Justin Kampf ($250) who shot a 255.

High series of the handicap tournament was shot by Robert Grieb, Deer Park, NY with an 857 in the 3pm squad. The wildcard winner was Tyger Folmar, Miramar, FL with a 1403 six-game series. One woman was added to the finals; Emily Collazo, East Meadow, NY with a 674 series at 5pm.    

LIGBT’s next tournament is a sport shot event at AMF Syosset on Sunday, May 19th (1pm & 3pm).  Top prizes are guaranteed to pay $1,000 & $500 with 1 in 4 per squad cashing.  To view the final results of the Farmingdale Lanes event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, & Vietri Associates, and