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Posted On: May 25, 2015

W. Babylon, NY:  Cary Fishman, a retired taxi owner from New York City, won the LIGBT Memorial Day Weekend Major at AMF Babylon. Cary won the $2,000 top prize by defeating second place finisher Calvin Nottingham, Deer Park, NY 253-237. Calvin earned $1,000 for his second place finish while Adam DeRossi, Massapequa Park, NY finished third with a 211 earning him $500. This was Cary’s fifth LIGBT title, the most in the club, while Calvin and Adam were looking to earn their first title.

The shootout was an exciting match as the champion was not determined until the final frame. Cary was giving at least 30 pins in handicap to each competitor so a fast start was crucial. Cary started with two doubles in the first 5 frames while Calvin and Adam had several opens. Calvin marked in his final 5 frames which forced Cary to mark in his tenth frame. Cary, like a true champion, struck on his first ball to secure the title.

The LIGBT Memorial Day Weekend Major drew a 3-day crowd of 304 entries (including the Desperado), advancing 50 bowlers to the finals, and paid out over $10,300. Ten Radical Mighty Gurus were won in the Brunswick bonus squads.  The scores on the 41 foot Kegel Turnpike pattern were moderate ranging 698 and as high as 756. High handicap series for the 6 squads was shot by Tim Brennan, Lynbrook, NY with an 835 in the Saturday 5pm squad..

LIGBT’s next tournament is a regular 2-squad handicap event at AMF Garden City. Top prizes are guaranteed to pay $1,000 & $500. One in 6 will cash each squad for a minimum of $60. Preregistered cash entry fees are only $60 and $50. For complete results of the 2015 Memorial Day Weekend Major please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Brunswick, Kegel, Randi Siegel Law Offices, Knockout Ball Cleaner and CLS Custom Upholsterers.



Posted On: May 10, 2015

May 10, 2015

Syosset, NY: The LIGBT has announced new “bonus pin” rules for its events with the goal of lowering the cut scores in qualifying squads. Beginning with the first event on the Season 7 Summer Schedule (Sunday, June 7 at AMF Garden City) the following changes will be in effect.

  • The maximum number of bonus pins a player can have is 15 per game or 45 total. All bowlers that currently have more than 45 bonus pins will have their total lowered immediately to the maximum (45- 15 per game).
  • All bowlers that advance to the finals will lose 9 (3 per game) of their bonus pins.
  • Every round a bowler advances in the finals an additional 9 bonus pins (3 per game) will be eliminated.
  • All bowlers that advance to the final shootout will lose all of their bonus pins.
  • Bowlers that fail to advance to the finals will receive 9 bonus pins (3 per game) at their next event unless they already have the maximum of 45 (15 per game).
  • There are no negative bonus pins.
  • The LIGBT will no longer freeze bonus pins prior to a major event.
  • Bonus pins will no longer be used at “house shot” tournaments.

The LIGBT cut scores have risen by 20 to 30 pins per squad due to the bonus pin rules enacted in Season 6. Our goal is to return the cut scores to a reasonable number (under 700 each squad) and the new bonus pin rules should help us accomplish our goal. Bonus pins are a great way to even out the competition but unfortunately some of our members took advantage of the rules. These revisions should resolve any problems.




Posted On: May 04, 2015

Levittown, NY:  Derek Brandi, a 27 year old right hander from Whitestone, NY, captured his second LIGBT title with a victory at South Levittown Lanes. Derek won the $1,000 top prize in a special house shot tournament where he bowled a 290 handicap game in the final shootout to claim victory. Finishing second with a 286, and earning $600, was left hander Joshua Valdes from Staten Island, NY. Third place went to Denis Mendelson, Levittown, NY with a 270 worth $400.

The final shootout was a high scoring match as all three bowlers had at least a triple in the first 5 frames. Dennis fell behind with a couple of opens while Derek had two “four timers” to eventually eat away at Joshua’s 33 pin handicap advantage. Joshua marked in his last two frames while Derek needed a strike on his first ball in the tenth frame to win. Derek threw a perfect strike to take the South Levittown title. 

The South Levittown tournament drew an incredible crowd of 134 entries, advanced 23 bowlers to the finals, and paid out $4,810. This was a special “house shot” tournament and the scoring was extremely high. The cut was 813 in the 1pm squad and 830 in the 3pm squad. High series of the tournament was shot by Richard Frost, East Islip, NY with a ridiculous 904 in the 3pm squad.

LIGBT’s next tournament is a 3-day Memorial Day Weekend Major at AMF Babylon May 22-24. Top prizes are guaranteed to pay $2,000 & $1,000. One in 6 will cash for a minimum of $80. Your first entry is $65 with all re-entries only $50 each. For complete results of the South Levittown tournament please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Brunswick, Kegel, Randi Siegel Law Offices, and CLS Custom Upholsterers.