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Posted On: January 27, 2020

E. Meadow, NY:  Tyger Folmar, a 41-year old a U.S. Customs worker from Glendale, NY won the $1,500 top prize at LIGBT’s Beat-The-Board Tournament held at AMF E. Meadow. Tyger won his first LIGBT title by defeating Alex Henry, Sayville, NY 261-232. While Alex earned $750 for second, finishing third was James Marino, Lindenhurst, NY with a 221 worth $500. Rounding out the top 4 was William Tudy, Brooklyn, NY with a 181 worth $300. The final shootout was dominated by our champion. Tyger began his title quest with a spare in the first and then threw strikes in 6 of his next 7 frames to secure the title. The battle for second was a good one as James Marino overcame 3 missed one pin spares and moved from 4th to 2nd when he tripled in the last 3 frames. But Alex needed a double in the final frame to jump into second over James and he threw 2 perfect strikes to secure the $750 payout. William, who started with 5 marks, finished the game with 5 opens to settle for the 4th spot.

The AMF E. Meadow event drew a nice crowd of 118 entries, advanced 24 bowlers to the finals, and paid out $6,050 in prize money. The cut score for the top 16 on the “Boardwalk” pattern was 682. High series of the tournament was shot by Harry Park, Flushing, NY with a 784 in the noon squad. Tommy Grunwald, Astoria, NY shot a 300 game in the first round of the finals. There were 2 wildcard winners: Paul Casella, Port Jeff St., NY with a 1409 from the first 2 squads and Darryl Freeman, Forest Hills, NY also with a 1409 six-game series from the last 2 squads. One woman advanced to the finals; Monique Compton, Bronx, NY with a 685.      

LIGBT’s next tournament is our annual Super Bowl Marathon at AMF Syosset. This 5-game no final event features 3 prize lists; scratch, handicap 49 & under, and handicap 50+. To view the results and video finals of the AMF E. Meadow Beat-The-Board event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, Vietri Associates, and



Posted On: January 20, 2020

Garden City, NY:  Maniram Basdeo, a 60-year old taxi driver from the Bronx, NY, won the $3,000 top prize at The LIGBT’s Winter Major held at AMF Garden City. Maniram earned his sixth LIGBT title by defeating George Williams, Bronx, NY 268-216 in the final shootout. While George earned $1,500 for second, finishing third was Ferrill McNeil, Bronx, NY with a 205 worth $750. Rounding out the top 4 was Sunny Yee, Flushing, NY with a 182 worth $500.

Maniram dominated the final shootout with six strikes in a row in frames 2-7 after an open in his first frame. While Maniram locked up the $3,000 title by the 7th frame, George and Ferrill were fighting for the $1,500 2nd place prize. When George marked in his final frame it forced Ferrill to double to move into second place. But Ferrill failed to strike and settled for third place. Sunny had trouble striking, and with 4 open frames, finished 4th for a very respectable finish.

The Winter Major at AMF Garden City drew an incredible crowd of 270 entries (including 36 desperado entries), advanced 48 bowlers to the finals and paid out $13,350. The cut scores on the “Alcatraz” pattern were low and ranged from 651 to 675. High series of the tournament was shot by Mike Nenna, Tobyhanna, PA with a 725 in the Sunday, 2pm squad. There were 4 wildcard bonuses. The Friday night wildcards were won by Hee Jin Jun, Flushing, NY (1298) and James Hellen, Lindenhurst, NY (1277). The Sunday wildcards were won by So Young Chin, Whitestone, NY (1313) and Joe Ceruzzi, Ry Brook, NY (1302). One extra woman was added to finals to meet the women guarantee; Beverly Parker, Brooklyn NY shot a 658 in the Sunday 2pm squad.   

LIGBT’s next tournament is a Beat-The-Board event on Sunday, January 26th (noon-2pm-4pm) at AMF E. Meadow. Top prizes are guaranteed at $1,500 & $750. To view the results of the Winter Major please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Brunswick, Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Vietri Associates and Billvee Electric.



Posted On: January 06, 2020

W. Babylon, NY: The Senior Legends Tour (SLT) kicked off its inaugural event at AMF Babylon and crowned its first two champions. The winner of the upper average division was Denis Mendelson, Levittown, NY who earned $800 when he defeated Jerry Gioia, Franklin Square, NY 242-227. While Jerry earned $500 for second place, finishing in third, and also winning $500 was Max Thomas, Stamford, CT with a 218.

The winner of the lower average division was Christopher Thomas, Brooklyn, NY who earned $800 when he defeated William Cron, Matamoras, PA 267-266 in the final shootout. While William earned $500 for second place, finishing in third with a 227 was Gene DeFazio who earned $400.

SLT’s first tournament was a huge success as 83 entries competed for $5,300 in prize money. A total of 20 bowlers made the finals (1 in 4) each cashing for a minimum of $100. Cut scores to make the finals were 964 in the upper division and 951 in the lower division. The two squad leaders, who were seeded into their respective shootouts, were Max Thomas with a 1084 (upper) and William Cron 1026 (lower.)

SLT’s next official tournament is Sunday, February 23rd at Herrill Lanes. There will also be a senior only 5-game handicap marathon on Sunday, February 2nd at AMF Syosset. To view the results and finals video please visit




Posted On: January 02, 2020


Tiffany Smalls Handicap
49 & Under Champion
Dawn Vening Senior
Handicap Champion

Farmingdale, NY:  The LIGBT crowned 3 champions on New Year’s Day at Farmingdale Lanes. The handicap 49 & under champion was Tiffany Smalls, New York, NY with a 1388 series worth $1,000. The handicap 50 & over champion was Dawn Vening, Mount Vernon, NY with a 1322 worth $1,000. The scratch champion was RJ Broege, Ronkonkoma, NY with a 1307 worth $1,000. An incredible 197 entries competed for $11,000 in prize money.

The NYD Marathon featured 3 separate events. The first prize list was for handicap bowlers ages 49 & under. A total of 68 bowlers competed in this event, with 14 bowlers cashing, in a $3,875 prize list. While Tiffany Smalls was the top bowler, finishing in second was Darius Fuller, Bayshore, NY with a 1356 worth $575. To cash in the 49 & under prize list it took a 1256 handicap series.

The second marathon event was for handicap bowlers age 50 & over. A total of 73 bowlers competed with 15 cashing in a $4,160 prize list. While Dawn Vening won the event with a 1322, coming in second was Bill Verni, W. Babylon, NY, just 6 pins behind with a 1316 worth $700. It took a 1261 handicap series to cash in the 50 & over prize list.

The third marathon event was for scratch bowlers. A total of 56 entries competed with 11 cashing in a $2,960 prize list. While RJ Broege won the scratch event with a 1307, finishing in second was Anthony Aria, Brooklyn, NY with a 1284 series worth $500. To cash in the scratch prize list you had to shoot 1182.

LIGBT’s next event is a 2-day major at AMF Garden City; January 17 & 19. Top prizes are guaranteed to pay; $3,000-$1,500-$750-$500 with 1 in 6 advancing each squad. For complete results of the New Year’s Day marathon please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, & Vietri Associates, and