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Posted On: April 15, 2019
Posted On: April 01, 2019
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Posted On: April 15, 2019

Garden City, NY:  Curtis Hetmeyer, a 51 year old senior aid and super from Brooklyn, NY won the $3,000 top prize at LIGBT’s Spring Major held at AMF Garden City. Curtis earned his second LIGBT title (first sport shot title) by defeating Sunny Yee, Flushing, NY 246-222 in the final shootout. While Sunny earned $1,500 for second, finishing third was Anthony Fusco, W. Hempstead, NY with a 215 worth $800. Rounding out the top 4 was Maniram Basdeo, Bronx, NY with a 211 worth $600.

The Spring Major shootout was dominated by Curtis as he threw 7 strikes in his first 8 frames. The only bowler in the shootout that kept the pressure on Curtis was Sunny Yee who marked in her first 8 frames. But when she opened her last 2 frames Curtis’ first major title became reality. Anthony, who was giving everyone pins, didn’t throw a double until the 7th frame forcing him to finish in 3rd. Maniram had 2 opens in his first 5 frames which he could never recover from. 

The AMF Garden City event drew a great crowd of 313 entries (including 34 desperado entries), advanced 53 bowlers to the finals and paid out $15,190. The cut scores on the “Athens” pattern were low and ranged from 656 to 678. High series of the tournament was shot by Timothy Lau, Albertson, NY with a 742 in the Friday, 10pm squad. There were 2 wildcard winners. The Friday night wildcard was won by Rafael Ongjoco, Babylon, NY with a 1322 six game series and the Sunday wildcard was won by Dexter Sapp, Valley Stream, NY with a 1294. Women bowled well all weekend with 8 advancing to the finals.    

LIGBT’s next tournament is a 2-squad sport shot tournament at Herrill Lanes on Sunday, April 28th (1pm & 3pm.) Top prizes are guaranteed at $1,000-$500-$300-$250 with 1 in 4 cashing each squad. To view the final results of the AMF Garden City Spring Major please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Vietri Associates and Billvee Electric.



Posted On: April 01, 2019

Levittown, NY:  Mike Nenna, a 51 year old Verizon worker from Tobyhanna, PA won the $1,000 top prize at LIGBT’s house shot event at Levittown Lanes. Mike won his first LIGBT title by defeating 9-time champion Dexter Sapp, Valley Stream, NY 292-282 in the final shootout. While Dexter earned $500 for second, Gregory Welch, Brooklyn, NY finished in third with a 273 worth $300 and fourth went to Michael Reed, Boston, MA with a 267 earning him $250.

The final shootout was very high scoring as the 4 talented bowlers took advantage of the easy conditions. Mike took control early by throwing 7 strikes in his first 8 frames and never looked back. Dexter, who was giving everyone pins and started the match with a missed spare, had too far to climb and finished 10 pins short despite throwing 10 out of 11 strikes his last 9 frames. Gregory bowled great but a missed one pin spare in the 8th frame costing him his first title. Michael Green started with a triple but had trouble stringing strikes the rest of the game.

The Levittown event also featured a separate scratch prize fund. The two squad leaders, Jason Nicholas, Wantagh, NY (760-2pm) and Daniel Twomey, Teaneck, NJ (701-4pm) decided to split the top 2 prizes and each earned $355. The two other scratch cashers were Craig Koppell, Syosset, NY (682) and Chondite Faison, New York, NY (702) each winning $75.

The Levittown house shot event drew a good crowd of 117 entries (18 scratch), advanced 17 bowlers to the handicap finals and paid out $5,460 in prize money. Cut scores on the house shot were; 754 & 774 for the 49 & under division and 767 & 736 for the seniors. High handicap series was shot by Giovanni Lara, Flushing, NY with an 853 in the 2pm squad. The wildcard winner was James Marino, Lindenhurst, NY with a 1476 series. One woman was added to the finals and that was Lisa Giglia-Quroz, Howard Beach, NY with a 696 at 2pm.

LIGBT’s next tournament is our annual Spring Major at AMF Garden City. This 2 day event, April 12 & 14, will feature top prizes of $3,000 & $1,500 with all finalists earning at least $150.  To view the final results of the Levittown event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, & Vietri Associates.