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Posted On: March 09, 2020

Syosset, NY:  Jimmy Walsh, a 68-year old bartender from Glen Cove, NY won the $1,000 top prize at LIGBT’s sport shot event at AMF Syosset. Jimmy earned his 5th LIGBT title, over a 12-year span, by defeating Harry Park, Flushing NY 232-230 in the final shootout. While Harry earned $500 for second, finishing third was Jose Ferreira, Woodside, NY with a 198 worth $300. Rounding out the top 4 Guy Sereno, W. Hempstead, NY with a 180 worth $250.

The shootout was led by Jimmy from start to finish but he had to sweat out the 10th frame to see if he won his 5th LIGBT trophy. Jimmy started with a spare and triple, and except for a 5th frame open, stayed clean the rest of the match. Harry, who shot the only clean game in the shootout, made a huge comeback with strikes in the 5th through 8th frames. Going into the final frame Harry had a 1 pin lead. When Jimmy struck on his first ball in the 10th Harry was forced to throw at least 9 on his first ball or he would lose. Harry left an 8 count which gave Jimmy the $1,000 title.

The AMF Syosset Lanes event drew 79 entries, advanced 14 bowlers to the finals, and paid out was $3,665. The cut scores on the new Radium pattern were: 656 & 664. High series of the tournament was shot by our champion with a 725 in the 1pm squad. The wildcard winner was Daniel Gehrig, Baldwin, NY with a 1250 six-game series. Tiffany Smalls, New York, NY was the only woman to advance.    

LIGBT’s next tournament is a Beat-the-Board tournament at AMF Babylon on Sunday, March 22nd.  To view the results of the AMF Syosset event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, & Vietri Associates, and



Posted On: March 02, 2020

Garden City, NY:  Wesley Grant, a 43-year old right-hander from Uniondale, NY won the $5,000 top prize at AMF Garden City where LIGBT’s Super Tournament #7 was held. Wesley defeated Yon Gyo Phark, Flushing, NY 243-226 to win his first LIGBT title. Yon Gyo won $2,500 for his runner-up position. Finishing in third was Charles Ko, Palisades, NJ with a 223 worth $1,250. Fourth place went to Justin Laukaitis, Baldwin, NY with a 211 worth $1,000. Rounding out the top 5 was Andrew Mienkiewicz, Dix Hills, NY with a 174 worth $750.

The Super Tournament final shootout was a pressure packed match with $10,500 up for grabs. Wesley’s won the title due to his ability to fill frames as he was the only bowler to shoot a clean game. Wesley trailed early but took the lead with a triple in the middle of the game. He finished with 4 spares in a row to secure the title. Yon Gyo started out slow but threw 2 doubles late to capture second place. Charles, who was making his first video appearance, left seven 9 counts and just could not string strikes. Justin, also making his first shootout appearance, bowled well but had 2 opens and only 1 double. Andrew struggled as he couldn’t find a line to the pocket.

Wesley joins a prestigious list of $5,000 LIGBT Super champions; Tommy Grunwald, Astoria, NY was the 1st Super champion at Farmingdale Lanes (February, 2016), Cynthia Cooke, Patchogue, NY won the second Super Tournament at AMF Plainview (May, 2017) and Pak Wong, New York, NY won the 3rd Super Tournament also at AMF Plainview (August, 2017.) Hector Diaz Jr., Bronx, NY was the 4th Super Tournament winner at Levittown Lanes (June, 2018.) The 5th Super Champion was Peter Libranti, Wantagh, NY at AMF Babylon (May 2019.) The 6th Super Tournament champion was Jae Yi, Flushing, NY at AMF Garden City (September, 2019.)

The Super Tournament drew an amazing crowd of 430 entries plus 56 desperado entries. There were 82 finalists all sharing in a $26,320 prize fund. Cut scores were moderate on the custom pattern ranging from 679-697. High series was shot by Dwayne Redman, Bronx, NY with an 837 in the Sunday, 2pm squad. There were 38 women entries with 7 advancing to the finals. There were 4 wildcard winners: Charles Ko (1332), Wesley Grant (1358), Jack Kampf (1359), Audrey Rodriques (1351.)  Total payout for the weekend exceeded $50,000!

LIGBT’s next tournament is a 2-squad sport shot event at AMF Syosset on Sunday, March 8th. For complete results of Super Tournament #7 please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Randi Siegle Law, Kegel, Torch Bowling, Vietri Associates, Billvee Electric, Knockout Ball Cleaner, and CLS Custom Upholsterers.