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Posted On: August 28, 2017

Plainview, NY:  Pak Wong, a 51 year old postal employee from New York City won the $5,000 top prize at AMF Plainview where LIGBT’s Super Tournament #3 was held. Pak defeated Josh Valdes, Staten Island, NY 241-238 to win his third LIGBT title. Josh earned $2,500 for his runner-up position. Finishing in third was David Chu, New York, NY with a 225 worth $1,300. Fourth place went to Yon Go Phark, Flushing, NY with a 208 worth $1,200. Rounding out the top 6 was 5th place finisher Chondite Faison, New York, NY with a 205 worth $1,100 and 6th went to Brandon Soedamastro, Levittown, NY with a 200 worth $1,000.

The Super Tournament final shootout was a pressure packed match with over $12,000 up for grabs. Despite the very tough lane conditions the 6 contestants started out strong with no one taking control of the match early. As the match entered the last 3 frames it was a 3-way competition for the top prize between Josh, Chondite and Pak.

Chondite’s title hopes were dashed when he opened his last 2 frames. Josh needed a double in the tenth to force Pak to double but he only threw one strike and had to settle for second place. Pak needed to stay clean in his final frame and he spared and then struck to secure the Super Tournament title.

The Super Tournament drew an amazing crowd of 422 entries plus 45 desperado entries. There were 74 finalists who shared in a $25,940 prize fund. Twenty-one DV8 Pitbull Growls were won in the high game pots, and another $27,000 was paid out in side action. Total payout for the weekend exceeded $55,000!

There were other big winners at AMF Plainview via the no-tap jackpot. Joe Scianna earned $500 in the Friday 8pm squad. Adam DeRossi won $180 in the Friday 10pm squad. Sam Cooke won $220 in the Saturday 8pm squad. Johnny Kim won $220 in the Sunday 5pm squad, and Andre Johnson/Maniram Basdeo split a jackpot worth $90 in the Sunday noon squad. Cut scores on the “Stockholm” pattern were low all weekend ranging from 658 to 683. High series of the weekend was shot by Johnny Kim, Fresh Meadows, NY with a 753 series in the Sunday 5pm squad.

LIGBT’s next tournament is Labor Day Sunday, September 3rd at AMF Babylon. This 3 squad event features guaranteed prizes of $2,000-$1,000-$750-$500. Entry fees are $80 and $70 and the lane pattern will be “Boardwalk” For complete results of Super Tournament #3 please visit



Posted On: August 07, 2017

Levittown, NY:  Isaura Simon, a graphic artist from Jackson Heights, NY, won LIGBT’s sport shot event at Levittown Lanes. In a 6-bowler final shootout, Isaura defeated second place finisher Ed Passaro, Hicksville, NY 247-244 to win the $1,000 top prize. While Ed earned $600 for second, finishing third, just 2 pins behind, was Shiu Lee, Forest Hills, NY earning $400. Rounding out the top 6 was fourth place finisher Rob Foerster, E. Meadow, NY with a 227 worth $350, fifth went to Archie Nabas, Queens Village, NY with a 226 worth $300 and sixth was taken by Seth Marino, Lindenhurst, NY with a 208 earning him $250.

Isaura was the definite underdog in the shootout as the other 5 bowlers had much higher averages than her 129 club average. But Isaura was not intimidated as she marked in 7 out of her first 8 frames. But the nerves finally took over as Isaura opened the last 2 frames including knocking down only 5 pins in the final frame.

With Isaura’s late open frames several of the finalists had a shot at the title. Ed entered the final frame with a 4 timer and needed just a mark to win. But he through a split to end his title hopes. Shiu needed a double to win and got the first strike but left a 7 count on his next shot to settle for third place. Isaura was shocked when she realized the title was hers.   

The Levittown event drew a great summer crowd of 131 entries, advanced 23 bowlers to the finals and paid out $5,200. The cut scores on the “Boardwalk” pattern were moderate; 691 & 706. High series of the tournament was shot by Archie Nabas with a 765 in the first squad. The wildcard winner was Rich Hengel, E. Meadow, NY, with a 1362 series. The no-tap jackpot was not hit in either squad and will be worth $500 at the Super Tournament. Raffle winners were Jetta Bonds and Brendan Oakley both winning a DV8 Pitbull.

LIGBT’s next tournament is Super Tournament #3 at AMF Plainview August 25-27. Top prizes are guaranteed at $5,000-$2,500-$1,500-$1,250-$1,100-$1,000 with 1 in 6 each squad advancing to the finals and guaranteed a minimum of $150. Entry fee is $80 per squad. To view the final results of the Levittown event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Randi Siegel Law Offices, Torch Bowling, and CLS Custom Upholsterers.