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Posted On: September 15, 2018

Garden City, NY:  Joe Scianna, a senior bowler from Ronkonkoma, NY, swept both the scratch and handicap marathon titles at AMF Garden City which hosted LIGBT’s 5-game marathon. In the handicap event Joe defeated top seed Antonino Dilluvio, Flushing, NY 247-207 to claim the $1,000 top prize. Antonino collected $500 for second place. In the scratch event Joe earned an additional $400 with a 1232 series which was the top 5-game scratch total.

In the semi-final match of the handicap event Joe shot an incredible 285 game to advance to the final shootout. Finishing in 3rd place was senior bowler Shiu Lee, Forest Hills, NY with a 239 worth $300. In 4th place was 7-time LIGBT champion Dexter Sapp, Valley Stream, NY with a 218 worth $250.

The final match brought together the highest average in the LIGBT, Joe Scianna with a 205 (5 pins in handicap) and Antonino Dilluvio with a 135 average (67 pins in handicap.) Joe didn’t worry about the huge handicap advantage as he started the match with 7 strikes in a row and never looked back. This was Joe’s second LIGBT title.

The bonus scratch marathon paid out 3 spots; Joe Scianna won the event with a 1232 series earning $400. Second place went to Carl Worley, Staten Island, NY, with an 1192 worth $200 and third place was taken by Andrew Mienkiewicz, Massapequa, NY with an 1148 worth $130.

The AMF Garden City event drew a total of 62 entries (48 handicap/14 scratch) and paid out $3,625. A total of 16 bowlers earned money (better than a 1 in 4 ratio) with minimum prize paying $85. Three bowlers took advantage of the “no division insurance” and earned their entry fee back; Archie Nabas (1196), Scott Kampf (1195), and Andrew Mienkiewicz (1193.) High handicap series was shot by Antonino Dilluvio with a 1343 and Joe Scianna had the high scratch series with a 1232.    

LIGBT’s next tournament is a 2-squad house shot event at Coram Country Lanes; Sunday, September 30th (1pm & 3pm.) Top prizes are guaranteed to pay $1,000-1st and $500-2nd.  To view the final results of the AMF Garden City event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, and Vietri Associates.



Posted On: September 10, 2018

LIGBT Season 10 was one of the most successful seasons in our history. A total of 5,255 entries competed for $254,115 in prize money over 40 events. When you include the side action more than $535,000 was paid out throughout the year.

There were only 2 repeat champions in Season 10; James Hellen won 4 events and Gary Paulsen won 2 events. Ten different bowlers finished first or second more than once. An amazing 329 different bowlers cashed which is 46% of all of the different entrants that competed.

The more than $250,000 in prize money was spread out. The leading money winner was James Hellen with $6,605 earned in 36 events. Scott Kampf and Hector Diaz Jr. were next up with $5,820 and $5,680 respectively. Thirteen different bowlers earned more than $3,000, thirty-three different bowlers earned more than $2,000, and an incredible 78 bowlers earned at least $1,000.

When you include all of the side action the leading money winner was still James Hellen with $12,810. Maniram Basedo was not far behind in second place with $11,246. Rounding out the top 3 was Gary Paulsen with $8,134 in earnings. For the record, all 3 of these bowlers have had their average re-rated for future events.

With 40 events run in Season 10 the member that cashed the most time was Darcy Monroe who made the finals in 17 out of 36 events for a 47% cashing ratio. The highest percentage casher, with 16 cashes out of 32 events was Sal Florindo with a 50% ratio. Eddie Eng had the 3rd most final appearances with 15 which he accomplished in 34 events for a 44% cashing ratio. Fourteen different bowlers made the finals in 10 or more events—not an easy task to achieve.

Although the LIGBT is a handicap competition, it is fun to see who has the highest average in our tournaments. Joe Scianna is the only bowler averaging more than 200 as he has a club average of 216.54 over 55 games (he bowls with no handicap.) Scott Kampf has the second high average with a 194.27 over 95 games. Andrew Mienkiewicz (191.09) and Yon Gyo Phark (190.83) are the only other bowlers averaging 190 and above. The average for the entire club, from the 711 different bowlers that competed this year is 161.43.



Posted On: September 03, 2018

Levittown, NY:  Kameron Smith, a 27 year old graphic artist, won the $1,500 top prize at LIGBT’s Labor Day Match Play Championships at Levittown Lanes. Kameron, who has been trying to win an LIGBT title since 2015, broke through to the winner’s circle by defeating Shiu Lee, Forest Hills, NY 247-232 in the final shootout. While Shiu earned $800 for second, Dwayne Adams, Jr. NYC, finished third with a 222 worth $600 and fourth went to James Hellen, Lindenhurst, NY with a 208 earning him $500.

The final shootout was a great one with 3 bowlers having a chance to win the title in the final frame. Despite the easy house shot pattern the match started slow with 3 of the 4 having an open by the third frame. Kameron threw the first double of the shootout in the 5th & 6th frames but when he missed a one pin spare in the 8th frame the title was up for grabs. Both Dwayne and Shiu could have forced Kameron to double to win if they had struck in the 10th. Shiu got the first one and Dwayne spared. Kameron, like a champion, threw 3 perfect strikes to capture his first title.

The Levittown house shot event drew a great crowd of 159 entries, advanced 28 bowlers to the finals and paid out $7,500. The cut scores on the house shot were; 747 to 751. The high series of the tournament was shot by Ron Hatchett, NYC, with an 864 in the 1pm squad. The 9 game wildcard winner was Joe Hatchett with a 2202 total.  

LIGBT will be releasing its Season 11 schedule on September 5thOur next event is a Friday night 5-game handicap and scratch marathon, September 14th at AMF Garden City (8pm start). To view the final results of the Labor Day Match Play Championships from Levittown Lanes event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, and CLS Custom Upholsterers.