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Apr 19, 2011

The LIGBT will change the finals format, for both scratch and handicap tournaments effective immediately. With the increase in entries, which generates many more finalists, the finals currently require up to 4 rounds and over 2 hours to complete. To shorten the time, but still give the most bowlers a chance to win the tournament, the following change will be made.

All finalists (1 in 5 per squad) will bowl 1 game with the top 3 advancing to the final shootout. The top 50% of the finalists that don’t advance to the shootout will earn $150 while the bottom 50% will earn $100. To protect the squad leaders the high series in the first squad will be seeded directly into the shootout while the 2nd squad leader will earn a $50 bonus.

The four bowlers in the shootout will bowl 1 game with to determine the top 4 places. Top prizes are guaranteed to pay; $500-$275-$225-$200 regardless of entries. With 120 or more entries the top 4 prizes will grow to: $800-$425-$250-$225. With 150 or more entries the top prize will pay $1,000.

Entry fees will remain $65 for your first entry and $45 for all re-entries. Bowlers can still save $5 off each entry if prepaid within 24 hours of the tournament.