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Sep 09, 2019

Syosset, NY: The LIGBT has completed its 11th season and it was one of the most successful years for this still growing club. A total of 5,309 entries were recorded in 37 events which extrapolates to 143 bowlers per tournament. The 37 event prize funds paid out $256,585 and when including all the side action a total of $469,130 was distributed.

The LIGBT hosted just 684 different bowlers in Season 11 of which 208 were first time members. There were 28 different champions of which 8 of them won multiple times. Darcy Monroe was the only 3-time winner while 7 others winning twice. The two Super Tournament Champions were Peter Libranti and Jae Yi both earning $5,000. The other major title holders, all earning $3,000, were: Dexter Sapp (Thanksgiving Major), Dwayne Redman (Winter Major), Curtis Hetmeyer (Spring Major), and Joe Scianna (Firecracker Classic.)

The leading money winner, when including prize money and side action, was Harry Park with earnings of $10,995. Just $88 behind was Sun Kim with earnings of $10,907. To make the top 10 in earnings you had to win $7,552 or more. Peter Libranti was the leading prize money winner (side action not included) with $7,360. There were 4 bowlers that earned $6,000 or more & it took $4,000 to crack the top 10.

What makes the LIGBT so successful is how many bowlers cash. A total of 10 bowlers earned more than $7,500, 20 bowlers earned more than $5,000, 35 bowlers earned more than $3,000, 55 bowlers earned more than $2,000, and an amazing 102 bowlers earned at least $1,000! Out of the 684 different bowlers that competed 426 of them earned a prize—an amazing 62%!

Consistency is key when bowling tournaments. Harry Park had the highest cashing percentage in the club with an impressive 73% (19 out of 26.) Also cashing in 19 events was James Marino who cashed at a rate of 54% (19 out of 35.) The only other bowler cashing for 70% or higher was Darryl McDuffie who cashed in 14 out of 20 tournaments. A total of 10 bowlers cashed in 13 or more tournaments.

The LIGBT’s success has a lot to do with the challenging lane patterns it puts down. Only 1 bowler out of 684 members averaged over 200; Joe Scianna with an amazing 215 (which means he bowls scratch.) The closest bowler to Joe was 17 pins behind, Scott Kampf who averaged 198 for 93 games. Only 6 bowlers averaged 190 or greater.

How tough are the scoring conditions? Just look at what the club is averaging (only includes bowlers with 30 games or more): 1 bowler is averaging 200+, 5 bowlers are averaging 190-199, 13 bowlers are averaging 180-189, 39 bowlers are averaging 170-179, 44 bowlers are averaging 160-169, 33 bowlers are averaging 150-159, 29 bowlers are averaging 140-49.  The median club average is 162!

A special thanks to all the bowlers that competed in Season 11. We look forward to seeing you at a future LIGBT tournament.