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Mar 28, 2022
1st Place
Andre McDuffie
& Charlie Rembert

2nd Place
Yu Hin Yu & Sam Fang

3rd Place
Pat & Jude Cutolo

E. Meadow, NY: The LIGBT, sponsored by Storm, ran a special doubles tournament at AMF E. Meadow attracting an amazing 98 teams! The winning doubles team, with a 4-game total of 2,055 worth $2,000, were brothers Charlie Rembert and Andre McDuffie both from Floral Park, NY. Finishing in 2nd place with a 1,988 total, and earning $1,500, were partners Yu Hin Yu, Brooklyn, NY & Sam Fang, Little Neck, NY. Rounding out the top 3 was the doubles team of Pat Cutolo, Ronkonkoma, NY and Jude Cutolo, Bayside, NY with a 1985 series worth $1,000. 

Charlie Rembert had a really good day. He not only finished first with his brother but also tied for 4th place with a 1952 series with Terrence Taylor earning $750 and 5th place with Darryl Freeman also earning $750. Tony Jimenez won the Storm Ball raffle while Curtis Hetmeyer and Chris Cassentto won cash prizes. Joe Biscardi, Wantagh, NY had the high scratch game of the day with a 299.

AMF E. Meadow was packed all day with 6 bowlers to a pair. With a 1 in 6 cashing ratio a total of 16 teams cashed for at least $200. Scoring on the modified house shot (Bourbon Street) was good as it took an 1,885 series to cash. The main event total payout was $9,975. The side action paid out an additional $6,165. Total payout for the day was $16,140.

The LIGBT’s next event is our annual Spring Major featuring a $2,000 top prize. This 2-day event, April 1st & 3rd , takes place at AMF Garden City. LIGBT’s next non-singles event is a handicap Trio’s tournament, featuring a $3,000 top prize, at AMF Wantagh on Saturday, April 16th. The LIGBT is sponsored by Storm, Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Billvee Electric, Vietri Associates, CLS Custom Upholsterers and Turbo 2-n-1 Grips.