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May 02, 2022
Lou Barbera

James Marino

Meadow, NY: The LIGBT, sponsored by Storm, ran a special event at AMF E. Meadow called The Dual Challenge. The tournament, which featured 2 separate events crowned 2 champions: James Marino, Lindenhurst, NY won the 3-game sweeper and Lou Barbera, N. Bellmore, NY won the Bracket Challenge. Both champions won $750 for their victory.

The 3-game sweeper was the first event bowled. James dominated the tournament with a fine 881 handicap series. Finishing in second place was Romie Caiaccio, Wantagh, NY with an 834 worth $425. Rounding out the top 3 was Nyles Davis, Bronx, NY with an 824 worth $250. The sweeper prize fund paid out $2,895 to 14 different cashers (1 in 4.) It took a 762 series to cash.

The 2nd event was the Bracket Challenge which randomly placed all entrants into an 8-person bracket. Bowlers winning their bracket were guaranteed $100 while those finishing in 2nd in each bracket earned $50. After 3 matches the 7 bracket champions bowled a random opponent in a 1-game match to determine who advanced to the final shootout. 

Lou dominated the final shootout putting all of his shots in the 1-3 pocket. A stubborn 10 pin in the 7th frame cost him perfection. Lou finished with a 309-handicap game (278 scratch) to defeat 2nd place finisher Dave Cincotta, N. Babylon, NY 309-282. While Dave earned $425, finishing in third place was Eddie Eng, Flushing, NY with a 266 worth $300. Rounding out the top 4 was last week’s champion, Pak Wong, New York, NY with a 257 worth $200.  The Bracket Challenge prize fund paid out $2,325 to 14 different bowlers.

The inaugural Dual Challenge drew a nice crowd of 55 entries, paid out 28 prizes (better than a 1 in 2 ratio) which totaled $5,220.  The side action paid out an additional $3,645 bringing the day’s total payout to $8,865. Scoring in both events was good on the house shot pattern.    

LIGBT’s next event is a 2-day tournament called the LIGBT Championships at AMF E. Meadow. This new event begins Saturday, May 14th with a Singles/Doubles competition. The next day, Sunday, May 15th, a 4-person team tournament will take place. The LIGBT is sponsored by Storm, Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, Vietri Associates, and