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May 16, 2022

E. Meadow, NY: The LIGBT, sponsored by Storm, ran the inaugural LIGBT Championships at AMF E. Meadow and crowned 7 champions over this special weekend. The Singles Champion was Curtis Hetmeyer, Brooklyn, NY earning $1,000. The Doubles Champions were Chondite Faison, New York, NY and Kevin Myree, Brooklyn, NY sharing the $2,000 top prize. The Team Champions were Andre McDuffie, Charlie Rembert, Jaleesa Taylor, and Terrence Taylor. All 4 bowlers shared the $1,800 top prize.

The first event of Championship weekend was the singles event. Curtis Hetmeyer shot an 819 three game handicap series to take the title. Finishing in 2nd place with an 811 was Colin Nosworthy, St. Albans, NY earning $500. Third place went to James Gilmore, Rosedale, NY with an 803 worth $300. It took a 766 series to cash in the $2,905 prize fund.  

The second event of the weekend, also running on Saturday, was the doubles event. A total of 80 teams competed for a $6,500 prize fund. Chondite Faison and Kevin Myree shot a 1626 series to take the $2,000 doubles title. Finishing in second place, with a 1593 total, was Monique Compton, Bronx, NY and Charlie Rembert earning $1,000. Rounding out the top 3 was the team of Ryon Lee, Holbrook, NY and Charlie Rembert with a 1590 worth $500. It took a 1520 series to cash in the 14-team prize list.

On Sunday, the 4-person team event took place with 14 teams vying for the $3,100 prize fund. The winning team of Charlie Rembert, Andre McDuffie, Jaleesa Taylor, and Terrance Taylor shot a 3,118 to earn the $1,800 top prize. Finishing in 2nd place was the team of Keven Myree, Colin Nosworthy, Eugene Patterson III, and Jardon Scott. They shot a 3,069 total to earn $900. Rounding out the top 3 was the team of Julio Arnold, Gabe and Lorena Elie-Pierre, and Curtis Hetmeyer shooting a 2,998 worth $400. 

The LIGBT 1st annual Championships attracted a total of 210 entries and paid out $12,505 in prize money. The side action paid out an additional $8,750 bringing the total weekend payout to $21,255. The 3 tournaments saw 61 bowlers cash.

In addition to the 3 events the LIGBT, and with the support of Ace Mitchell and Storm, the top five 9-game totals won a Storm ball. The 5 ball winners were: Charlie Rembert (2461), Colin Nosworthy (2437), Kevin Myree (2395), Valerie DeLillo (2349) and Arvin Ong (2345.)  

LIGBT’s next event is our Summer Major, May 27 & 29 at AMF Garden City. This 2-day event features 5 squads, 3 separate divisions, and a $2,000 top prize. Best of all each squad entry fee is only $65!  The LIGBT is sponsored by Storm, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Billvee Electric, and Ace Mitchell.