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Nov 01, 2021

E. Meadow, NY: Sun Kim, a 54-year-old sushi chef from Flushing, NY won LIGBT’s sport shot tournament at AMF E. Meadow. Sun won his 2nd LIGBT title by defeating Jong Bo Shim, Fresh Meadows, NY, 260-216 in the final shootout. Sun earned $1,000 for his victory while Jong Bo took home $500 for 2nd place. Finishing in third was Joe LaBargo, Bayside, NY with a 212 worth $300 and fourth went to Monica McMillan, E. Elmhurst, NY with a 182 worth $250. 

The final shootout was dominated by Sun as he threw 5 strikes in a row starting in the third frame to take control of the match. The real competition was for 2nd place where Joe needed a double in the 10th frame to secure the runner-up position. But a stoned 10 pin gave Jong Bo second place and Joe settled for third. Monica, making her first TV finals, started with a strike but couldn’t fill frames and finished fourth.

The LIGBT 2-squad Halloween sport shot tournament drew a total of 47 entries, paid out $3,320 in prize money, and advanced 13 bowlers to the finals. Over $900 was added by the LIGBT to insure a solid prize fund. The side action awarded an additional $2,030 bringing the total event payout to $5,350. Cut scores to cash on the Kegel Broadway 37-foot pattern were 705 at 1pm and 673 at 3pm. The wildcard winner, which is the highest 6-game series by a non-finalist, was shot by Maniram Basdeo, Bronx NY with a 1309.