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Feb 01, 2021
49 & under Champion
Kenny Hayes Jr
Scratch Champion
Jose Perez
Senior Handicap Champion
Hari Soedarmasto

Garden City, NY: The LIGBT ran its monthly house shot Mini-Marathon at AMF Garden City and attracted a sellout crowd of 172 total entries and paid out almost $20,000. Three different champions were crowned: Kenny Hayes Jr., Brooklyn, NY earned $1,000 by winning the 49 & under handicap event. Hari Soedarmasto, Levittown, NY earned $1,000 by winning the 50 & over handicap tournament. Jose Perez, E. Elmhurst, NY earned $750 by winning the scratch competition.

The 49 and under handicap tournament drew 52 entries and paid out 13 cash positions. Kenny Hayes Jr. shot a 1098 to win the title and the $1,000 top prize. Finishing in second, just one pin behind, was Jayson Holley, Rosedale NY with a 1097 worth $500. It took a 981 series to cash in the 49 & under event which paid out $3,135.  

The senior handicap tournament drew an amazing 80 entries and paid out 20 cashing positions. Hari Soedarmasto shot 1140 to win the title and the $1,000 top prize. Hari’s 4-game block was the highest handicap series of the day in any division. Finishing in second was Kenny Bruce, Oceanside, NY with a 1087 worth $600. It took a 995 series to cash in the 50 & over event which paid out a total of 4,800.

The scratch tournament drew 40 entries and paid out 10 cashing positions. Jose Perez, a senior bowler, shot 973 (243 average) to win the title and the $750 top prize. Finishing in second was Carl Clory, Valley Stream, NY with a 968 worth $400. It took a 931 series (232 average) to cash in the scratch event which paid out $2,400.

The LIGBT Mini-Marathon at Garden City drew a record of 172 entries, paid out $10,335 in prize money, and had 43 bowlers go to the cashing window (almost a 1 in 3 ratio!) The side action paid out an additional $9,645 bringing the total event payout to $19,980. The LIGBT welcomed 11 new bowlers and apologizes to all of the bowlers that were shut out due to the maximum of 6 bowlers per pair.

LIGBT’s next tournament is another 4-game scratch and handicap Mini-Marathon at AMF Wantagh- February 21st – 1:30pm. To view the results of the AMF Garden City event please visit The LIGBT is sponsored by Kegel, Knockout Ball Cleaner, Torch Bowling, Billvee Electric, Vietri Associates, and